$ S I M B A

About $SIMBA: (Donald) Trump's First Cat

$Simba is not just any cat; he’s the ultimate meme moghul, the feline sensation that stole the spotlight in the Trump household. Conceived on the Ethereum blockchain, $SIMBA combines purr-fect puns with a side of presidential pizzazz. This project is for those who know that politics is just another game of cat and mouse. Join the clowder of investors who are ready to make their mark in the litter box of cryptocurrency.


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Phase 1: The Scratch Post

We start by scratching the surface—launching $Simba tokens and creating our exclusive community. Be ready to claw your way through exciting giveaways and purr-sonal engagements with the community.

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Phase 2: Litter-ally Taking Over

Next, we deploy strategic partnerships and alliances. Watch as $Simba becomes the most talked-about tabby in the crypto world, marking its territory far beyond the Ethereum sandbox.

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Phase 3: The Lion’s Share

We aren’t kitten around when we say we aim high. With a final push, $Simba plans to dominate the NFT space, making every holder feel like the king of the jungle (or at least the internet).


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How to buy $SIMBA?

Step 1: Set Up Your Wallet

Make sure you have an Ethereum wallet set up. No wallet? No worries! It's easier than herding cats—just download CoinBase Wallet, MetaMask or Trust Wallet and follow the setup steps.

Step 2: Add Ethereum

Transfer some Ethereum to your wallet. You’ll need this to swap for $SIMBA tokens and to handle those pesky gas fees. Remember, in the crypto jungle, ETH is your best fur-iend!

Step 3: Swap on Uniswap

Visit Uniswap, connect your wallet, and swap ETH for $Simba. It's as simple as a cat nap! Make sure to adjust your slippage to avoid paying too much in fees, or you’ll feel like someone pulled your tail.

Make Your Donation

Community Marketing Wallet

Marketing Wallet (Eth): 0xa265d572be105FC93B35775De03580fd5815a14A

Funds contributed to the marketing wallet are directly and transparently allocated to $SIMBA’s marketing and promotional efforts. This strategic investment supports the sustained momentum and overall success of the project.